Case studies

iThingsHealth for elderly care

A state-of-the-art digital technology enabled telecare system powered by iOrbit Health System to enable independent and affordable living to the elderly people and those with long-term care needs. iThingsHealth is powered by IoT where sensors will monitor activities in daily living and detect events such as fall, heart attack with a 24 hours response centre. Should a sensor be activated, an alert will be immediately received at the monitoring centre or caregivers to provide help.

iOrbit Health System solution for leading pelvic-health device manufacturer

Leveraging the iOrbit Health System, iOrbit enabled the current standalone product to make it compatible with a connected cloud platform, so that they work seamlessly. This solution enables easy data sharing between environments and solves the problem of manual backup by the users. iOrbit Health System also enabled the end-to-end deployment of the cloud connected home variant of the product which is to be used by patients at home under a specialist’s guidance.