iOrbit Medical ASIC Engineering

Medical Devices are rapidly becoming portable and mobile. The end-user expects the devices to be simple to operate and within arm's reach. This calls for an Integrated Circuit called ASIC. Medical ASIC product engineering at iOrbit offers at innovative ways of making healthcare portable, scalable and Secured. With constant modernization and improvement of products we have helped many industry leaders stay ahead of the competition.

Why Medical ASIC?

  • Internet of Medical things (IoMT) are revolutionizing healthcare and medicine.
  • At hospital and clinics the medical device industry is moving towards the smaller form factor and quick diagnostic report for different fields of healthcare.
  • Radiology like Ultrasound /MRI, Neurology for EMG/NCS, cardiac for cardiac doppler and other healthcare domains are driving the medical electronics towards ASICization.

Why iOrbit?

  • Provides innovative custom Analog Front-End and digital Integrated circuit solutions for medical devices.
  • One stop solution for ASIC development from system requirements phase till qualification to medical standards.
  • Partnered with foundry and IP companies for quick turnaround in developing the ASIC.
  • Ensuring the quality, safety and reliability for medical ASICs.

Case Studies

  1. AFE for Ultrasound
  2. AFE for Body Vital Monitoring