Product Conceptualization Studio

Here at iOrbit, we enable you to develop a product platform that can help you scale your offerings seamlessly from high volume, low complexity to low volume, high complexity.

For better understanding of the product concept, we address all product requirements through structured Product Workshops with all stakeholders

At iOrbit, we believe in joint decision-making with customers to address requirements for IP, patents, product cost management etc.

iOrbit Design Studio

User Experience Studio

Design for manufacturability

Mechanical design to meet the domain requirements, Support for 3D prototyping, design for manufacturability

Design Choices presented to customer to get feedback

Material Design, Colour and texture design

Form and Functional Design

Hardware Design Studio

FPGA/ASIC Design Support

State of the art PCB Design

Efficient Circuit Design including choice of processors, connectivity protocols, efficient data flow etc

Support for 3rd party certification requirements GDPR, Cybersecurity Adherence, HIPAA Compliance, FDA, CE, DEKRA

Infrastructure and Lab for board bring up and functional validation of proto types and low volumes

Software Design Studio

Software development and documentation in line with industry standards

Platform based firmware development for a plug and play architecture

Responsive and Touch enabled Web UI Development

Native and Hybrid Applications development for iOS and Android

Software development and documentation in line with industry standards

State of the art test methodologies, manual and automated with well-defined test reports

In house Quality Assurance Systems in accordance with ISO 13485 and IEC 62304

Structural Design, User Experience Design

UX/UI design for web and apps

Cloud Application Studio

Scalable, Multi tenanted architecture

Targeted for most B2B IoT Application Scenarios

Licensable, in-house Java based platform iOrbit Health System, Internet of Medical Things

Enable Edge Compute for higher functional performance

Range of deployment methodologies to suit various regulatory and performance requirements