IoT Product Hosting & Maintenance

Operating and managing an always-on, cloud-based, connected IoT solution can be challenging for your Connected Products and Smart Services business.

Not only is it complex, given the multiple, interacting system components across a WAN, it needs to be available 24x7 throughout the year. Customer issues must be analyzed and addressed rapidly with the required fixes rolled across system components.

iOrbit has extensive expertise in IoT operations for Connected Products and Smart Services. Once we have developed and deployed your IoT solution, our teams can continue to provide DevOps for your IoT cloud applications. Our teams can monitor the health of your IoT solution on a 24x7 basis and provide online support to your customers. We can analyze customer issues, and design, test and roll-out fixes across impacted system components as required.

IoT operations

Post development as part of our IoT operations responsibility, our teams can resolve hardware, firmware and software issues in your IoT devices, IoT cloud, IoT apps and other subsystems of your IoT solution.

IoT solution maintenance

In IoT solution maintenance, we can offer you dedicated maintenance teams, which will help you resolve defects rapidly, or perform scheduled maintenance with periodic (e.g. quarterly) releases.