Expedite your go to market with iOrbit white labelled products

IR Thermometer

Smart algorithms in the IR thermometer enable an accuracy of 0.5 degree Celsius. It features a Monochrome / Colour display which shows temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit

It has the ability to save upto 10 previous temperature readings.

With its ergonomic design and point and shoot range of 1 meter, it is a useful product for infants, elderly and for social use in Covid-19 pandemic

Optionally, it supports Bluetooth connectivity for device integration with health platforms

Rechargeable battery and USB charger with single charge standby time of 50 hours

Fall Detection Pendant

Fall detection pendant is a lightweight and comfortable to wear electronic gadget that intelligently detects human motion. Smart built-in algorithms enable the detection of a real fall avoiding false positives and needless panic.

It can be used as a pendant or a wristband by elderly folks living an independent life.

SOS button on the pendant helps raise an emergency alarm in the hub and sends a notification to the carers and monitoring centre. It offers freedom to move around and improves confidence as Help is a button press away.

It connects to the wireless hub at home through Bluetooth.

The waterproof design helps round the clock monitoring.

Replaceable coin batteries with backup of 2 months


A BLE Hub receives triggers from BLE sensors and forwards it to the cloud server. By placing the multi-purpose sensors on a door, window, or inside rooms, you can receive immediate alerts for events like wakeup, inactivity, fall etc. BLE hub runs on a Python application.

  • Use with free iThingsHealth app
  • Internet connectivity status indicator
  • Can connect the hub to another hotspot by using iThingsHealth mobile app


The integrated tracking device that captures your vitals such as BP, temperature, ECG and send the data to the cloud.

Frequently asked questions

IR Thermometer

  1. Can the thermometer work when a person is behind a glass panel?

    No, the person under test must have no material in between.

  2. Can the device be cleaned with alcohol rub?

    Yes the plastics are graded for alcohol cleaning.

  3. Does the device have wireless charging?

    No, the device charges from 5V micro USB cable.

Fall detection Pendant

  1. Is the device waterproof?

    Partly, the device is splash proof only.

  2. Does the device have an alert on pendant?

    No, the device notifies the hub which raises alarm.

  3. Can the device be carried in a pocket?

    Yes the device can fit in pocket, but it is advised to wear as a pendant for optimum results.


  1. Can data be viewed from the hub?

    Yes,through the connected mobile app.

  2. Does hub have backup battery?

    No, it is always powered from the mains.