Digital Health solutions help create a robust healthcare ecosystem

Digital Health can revolutionise the way you deal with healthcare delivery

Through advanced AI based Health Solutions in the IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), iOrbit plays a catalytic role in the entire continuum of care from tracking patient data in hospitals through post-hospital care (monitoring) to individual care, ensuring timely medical intervention.

Wherever data resides, unique highly secured solutions ‘talk to each other’ and warn doctors and healthcare professionals in advance of any deviation from normal in patients. This helps transform healthcare from a ‘sick care’ model, to one that’s preventive and 'always-on', thereby enabling patients to move towards better levels of self-care at home and stay healthier in the long term.

Let us begin the Connected Health journey together

Connect to life-giving health. Navigate with ease a world of futuristic possibilities. Become part of a thriving healthcare ecosystem where lives matter. Because the next data you access could save someone. Together we can shape a whole new world of healthcare and enhance quality of life for all.

Effective and efficient patient care

Better levels of self-care at home resulting in lesser re-admissions

Data privacy and data security

Anonymisation of patient details and sensitive information with Data encryption at multiple levels supported by multiple layers of authentication


Efficient data portability and seamless integration with existing information systems

IoT Platform for Medical Devices

Being on the cutting edge of healthcare helps ensure every angle of a patient’s health parameters is covered. Through its meticulously built iOrbit Health System, iOrbit’s Connected Medical Devices platform leverages the latest devices, technologies and platforms to create robust Digital Health Solutions that have helped arm Medical specialists of all disciplines and other healthcare professionals with the quality practices they need, to level up patient care, health centre standards and reduce medico-legal risks. No matter where they are, No matter the hour, through its IoT enabled platform, doctors gain a more holistic view of patient health and can access instant life-saving information at their fingertips.

Less is more

Frees up time for doctors and nurses to spend more quality time with patients

Free up more, heal more lives

Helps avoid readmissions with remote patient monitoring

Independence is precious

Empowers seniors to stay independent with IoT enabled solutions

Adding Intelligence and Scalability to Medical Devices

iOrbit comes with years of experience and expertise in interacting with device manufacturers and healthcare providers, facilitating processes that improve patient care and sharpen competitive edge. Through intelligent direction, skilful execution and advanced technology, iOrbit works with you at every stage to enable you to develop product platforms that help you scale your offerings seamlessly from high volume, low complexity to low volume, high complexity. Based on healthcare needs and protocols, we then help you deploy future-ready devices, that combine scalability and flexibility, into an intelligent ecosystem.

Discover something new

Predictive insights on device utilization, maintenance and firmware updates

Blaze new trails

Opportunity to device manufacturers to expand footprint in the local and overseas markets

Set new standards

Enable device manufacturers to meet stringent compliance standards

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