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iOrbit is designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind. We offer plug-and-play solutions that are cloud-based, with no complex IT infrastructure or training required to deploy. We can connect with what you already have, transfer your data to a secure access point, and integrate with all the software information systems your hospital already uses. Book a meeting and see how simple and intuitive smart technology can be.

Fast-track innovation with implementation
that takes hours, not weeks

Much like the system itself, our one-day setup and onboarding processes were developed around simplicity, so you and your team can get back to focusing on patient care. Take the first steps in accelerating your digital transformation :


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Need help with connectivity as part of your digital transformation? Contact iOrbit today to see how we can help.


Easy-install and go live

When you partner with iOrbit, we take the implementation pain away with a quick integration into your existing IT infrastructure and workflows.


Access, analyze and Perform

Data is connected within minutes of going live with iOrbit. With accessible data and powerful new insights right at your fingertips, your clinical staff will be ready to confidently increase caseload types and volume, without sacrificing the quality of care.


Enhance Patient Safety With Seamless Data Integration

Documentation errors can easily happen, especially in a busy hospital environment, where already overburdened healthcare providers continue to experience increasing demands. When these errors occur, the quality of patient care and safety can be negatively impacted. To decrease this risk, monitoring solutions that eliminate the need for manual data entry are crucial. Our CMS works seamlessly with your hospital information system. It allows you to easily capture, save, and transmit data wirelessly without manual entry of vital signs information. This seamless data integration can help reduce documentation errors and enhance patient safety

Life Transforming Technology

We combine technology, human centric knowledge, and cutting-edge medical science to pioneer unprecedented solutions. From minimizing patient downtime, our ability to transform lives knows no bounds. Experience the limitless potential of our innovations as we redefine what's possible in healthcare


Insight-Driven Care

We harness data-driven insights to drive significant advancements in healthcare, customizing therapies in real-time. Our pioneering work at the forefront of technology propels the future of care, including our groundbreaking efforts to revolutionize Hospital mangement systems, delivering enhanced precision and predictability to a wider population. Join us as we shape the evolution of healthcare, optimizing patient outcomes through innovation and cutting-edge technologies

Enabling Timely Intervention
through Early Prediction

Often times, changes in a patient's vital signs can be an early indication of an impending critical event.

iOrbit Health System is equipped with an early warning scoring system that combines multiple vital sign parameters into a calculated score to indicate a patient's degree of deterioration.

This scoring mechanism enables clinicians to identify these warning signs sooner, allowing them to intervene quickly before a life-threatening event occurs.

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Response Care

iOrbit's digital health platform, Response Care, offers post-implant patient care services through a network of certified technical consultants and the Carelink device network. These services are specifically designed for patients who have received iOrbit implantable devices under the guidance of their physicians

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