iOrbit Health System

iOrbit Health System is a platform that enables real-time Remote Patient Monitoring by leveraging latest IoT devices and sensors, platforms and technologies.

iOrbit Health System facilitates digital patient engagement by collecting remote patient data on a real time basis through IoT devices like sensor, wearables, medical devices. The platform makes remote patient data available to the clinicians, caregivers and hospitals enabling them to take immediate remedial action.

iOrbit Health System implements industry standards to ensure total data security and privacy of sensitive patient data and personal information.

iOrbit Health System enables seamless integration with EHR systems to update patient health status collected through connected devices.

Plug and play

supports pluggable devices and sensors

Scalable data solution

scales without any performance hitch


supports HIPAA and GDPR standards

Value to Patients/Caregivers

  • Care is available at the comfort of their homes
  • Patients receive attention at the earliest opportunity
  • Lesser hospital visits

Value to Hospitals/Clinicians

  • Boosts capacity by allowing doctors to see more patients
  • Reduced cost to provide care
  • Patient stays within the ambit of the hospital on a long term basis

Value to Device Manufacturers

  • Opportunity to offer ‘consumer’ variants of medical grade devices
  • Create innovative business models around data and services, offered as PaaS/SaaS
  • Readiness for Regulatory and Compliance needs, Certifications, GDPR and Cybersecurity compliance